If you had $65 floating around...


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I would buy a shit load of parts. If you play out a lot, things wear and break. Make yourself a little tool kit, and have some felts, springs, Lugs, spacers, you name it. It helps out a lot at shows if you lose pieces.


definatly some extra skins so that when my skins start to sound like crap i wouldn't have to wait to get new ones, i'd have them right then


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I'd have to say i'd get a ribbon crasher (anyone who doesn't know what they are do a google search- sweetest thing ever! haha) and probably a few pairs of sticks


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I'd put it with the other $200 I don't have saved to purchase the Hyrbid Zildijian Crash I've been wanting.. :)

By the way, has anyone used those ribbon crashers?


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definitely a new head for my floor tom. and a pair of sticks. then i'd use the rest to start saving toward some new hi-hats


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one thing I just picked up for about 20 is a tourque wrench tuner, and while it doen't have the tourque ( ft lbs) to totally tuner your drum it will get em nice and even on the low end and then a few half turns and your good.

and with the 45 reamining I'd get a nice stick bag


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drummert2k said:
i'd buy a brand new real feel and with the left over get a pair or two of sticks
that sounds like the most logical thng to do. you can never have too many pairs of sticks and if you dont have a real feel then youve GOT TO HAVE ONE!