If Joey Jordison turned Punk Rock/Hardcore, his setup would


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2010-Present setup.

Drums: Pearl VX Vision in Jet Black
22x18 Bass Drum
14x5.5 Steel Sensitone Snare Drum in custom Nasty Black Finish
12x9 Tom
13x10 Tom
16x16 Floor Tom

Cymbals Paiste Alpha
14" 2002/404 Heavy Bottom Sound-Edge Hi-Hats
18" Black Alpha Slipknot Edition Rock Crash
19" Black Alpha Slipknot Edition Rock Crash
20" Alpha Metal Crash Cymbal used as Ride and some crashing
18" Alpha Rock China

Hardware: Pearl and PDP Stands for now, Pearl P-122TW Powershifter Double Pedal, and Gibraltar Throne with Backrest

Heads: Evans
Hydraulics on Toms and G1 Clears as resonants, EC1 snare with Hazy 300 on bottom, EMAD II on bass drum

Drumsticks: Vater
Vater Signature West Side Sticks
Vater Mike Wengren Signature Sticks
Vater XD-Rock

Other: Puresound Custom Pro Steel Snares (14", 20 Strand)