idea for cheep electronic kit


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okay so i was thinking of buy a REALLY cheep set

maybe like 200 or less

then get those roland electronic head covers and replaice all the heads for the bass just take out the head (beater side) and put a mini practice pad u hook up to a pedal

then just have a high hat with a little muffler pad and one ride/crash with a muffler

the heads i think are 30$ each
and i have a bass drum thing

so all together 90(2 toms and snare)+200= good deal!!!

is it a good idea


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I'm trying to understand what you're describing...

You want to buy a cheap acoustic kit for $200 and convert it to electronic by changing the heads?

or you want to buy a cheap electronic kit?


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OK, so a cheap acoustic kit, and Roland mesh V-drum heads, that's your purchase, right?

What is the trigger in the chain? How are you converting your playing into the electronic signal?

What is your sound source in the chain? Where will the electronic drum sounds come from?

sorry if I'm missing something obvious here, just trying to work out a recommendation for you.

Empyrean Drums

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I spent more on the crappy Pacific pedal then I did on pads. I added another pad too, so there's three up top. I know there's a "rack" mount for these pads that Remo makes, but I just built the stand myself.