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I live in the city of québec and I want to buy a trigger iO of alesis and I want your idea of this product because they just sell it at a store very far. Is it better to find an other trigger or wait for it apear in a store near my house.?

I also don't know if i can buy pad for to put on my acoustic drum because i'm not sure if it going to work. :?:

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this looks like a pretty good trigger-to-midi interface. It would let you connect to a notebook computer and comes with the BFD drum software.
Lots of people are running setups like this.

Or, if you want to use a hardware module or sampler, you can connect via midi to whatever unit you choose.

I have the Roland TMC6 which is very similar, minus the USB connection.
http://rolandus.com/products/productdet ... jectId=224

With the Alesis unit, you're going to need a computer or a module to provide your sounds. But you should be able to use just about any pad or trigger with them. The Roland is very good about recognizing most triggers, and very user friendly. Not sure about the Alesis unit as I haven't used one yet, but it looks very good based on the specs.