i think metal drummers are some of the best but...


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the singing ruines it like the gutairists and bass
are ssooooo goooddd
and that mindless singing like shadow fall ruines it.. for me

any bands with good double bass metal i can check out
...with okay singing

i only lisnt for drums but i just cant take it


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If you can't stand Shadows fall then you ain't gonna like any decent metal drumming, anything where they sing "normally" hasn't really got good drumming


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check out as i lay dying's drummer jordan mancino has mean abilitys on the double kiker and parkway drives ben gordon there are ALOT of awsome drummers out there that use the double kick awsomely u just gota know your scene and what to look for


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For metal drummers, check out helloween, gamma ray, dragonforce, iron maiden, edguy, and they all have excellent singers


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Fuck it...if you want to hear a Metal drummer, check my band out myspace.com/chevaband There is a mixture of singing & screaming so you just may like it.


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Devin Townsend band is good... damned good. SYL too. <-Both are Progressive Metal

Catamenia <-Pagan metal... sounds blackish

In Flames <-Newer stuff they sing more... But older stuff is VERY melodic. Black metal sounding

Naglfar <-Death/Black metal.... the talk about the end of time alot

As the Palace Burns <-More thrashy metal

Finntroll <-They dont speak english.... Pagan Metal

Moonsorrow <-They dont speak english.... Pagan Metal

Emperial Destroyer <-Black metal

Alienacja <-Thrash/Death metal

Oh!!! Emperor or Ishahn the Advesary <-Definatly black metal

Ancient <-black metal

Ragnorok <-Death/Black metal

God... the list goes on and on..... Oh! Another cool black metal band with really cool drumming is Demon Child. <-Black Metal

Some of these are undergound bands... might have to look hard. Myspace might have them on it.


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How about the new Nickelback album...not exactly metal, but pretty hard rock, and Daniel Adair has got his stuff down solid. Breaking Benjamin does alright, but for more metal:
Old Drowning Pool
Killswitch Engage (kinda 50/50)
Old Papa Roach

You're going to be hard pressed to find metal with just singing; its just not the style. Good luck!


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Listen to misery signals, or I hate sally.

Misery signals's vocals, even when they scream, kinda complete the music.

I hate sally's screammer is a girl, and she's Eye candy for sure! and the drummer is pretty amazing live.

You have to keep in mind though, the IDEA of 99.9% of todays metal, is literally a WALL OF SOUND. It's what they aim for. Chunky riffs, fat bass w/complex padderns, and crashing on a very curved ride to let the biggest ring come out to really make your ears bleed. Screaming is just (a cheerleader with a microphone for me) the glue that brings it all together.

Isn't music fun :p


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yeah, i think metal in general usually has the best musicianship out of any other music. (thats probablly why i like it so much) the guitars, bass, keyboards and drums are all usually more technical. they also have some of the best vocalist out there to if you search around. the guy from Opeth has an awesome singing voice, yet he does growl alot. Devin Townsend is unbelievable and again he does both scream and sing. I like screams to so im not really the guy to talk to about it. of course there are many bad metal bands, but its the same with every other style of music. the guy from Soilwork has a good voice. other good "singers" include Iron Maiden, In Flames, Tool, Karnivool, etc. theres also alot of good metal bands with females singing which are really cool (im not talking about Evanesence either). if you search around im sure you'll find some you like.


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chinobrad":153sf4pv said:
If you can't stand Shadows fall then you ain't gonna like any decent metal drumming, anything where they sing "normally" hasn't really got good drumming
This statement is pure ignorance...
Good drumming can be found within any genre, especially metal (with or without "singing")


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yea...I agree. I never post but the sound of distorted guitars with all that bashing really bothers me. Its kinda fun to play, but fer chrissakes....there is so much better music out there. there are good metal drummers but most of 'em really can;t play a lick. if you can't play 1 drum....you simply can't play 2.


or youtube madchops82 to get where Im coming from


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What!?! You DON'T ABSOLUTELY LOVE the cookie monster vocals? It's just like watching an episode of Sesame street and about as one dimensional. Haha, but I digress. Good singing? You'd have to elaborate about what you consider to be good singing but there are some things to check out. Even though I still laugh all these years later, maybe you should check out the first few King Diamond albums with Mikkey Dee on drums. Drums are good and the vocals, cartoonish or not, are impressive. I like the Bobby "Blitz" from Overkill. He's gotten more raspy over the years but it definitely fits the music. Good mid-range-spit-in-your-face vocals. "Horrorscope" has some interesting drumming. Going back to real ancient stuff you could check out the first Anthrax album "Fistful of Metal" with Neil Turbin on vocals. David Wayne's (Reverend, Metal Church) another singer I liked who is somewhat similar. The vocals on Dark Angel's "Time Does Not Heal" aren't typical for that genre but are well pulled off and you have Gene Hoglan on the skins so the drumming is generally pretty good. Both Barlow and Owens for Iced Earth are good and the drumming is at least decent most of the time. And the list goes on...


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well if you rin it just for the double bass
Hate Eternal
Dying Fetus
Morbid Angle
Dimmu Borgir
the others have listed some pretty good ones too. OLD Pantera is pretty insane stuff. anything by Slayer (but the early albums are best), Old Megadeth has some really tricky footwork. cant leave out Suffocation either.


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I agree with PaulZILLA for the double bass stuff.

And I agree with Howepirate. If you want singing, go listen to nu-metal and forget about hearing good drums.

At first I didn't like all the extreme vocals but I had to listen to them to hear good drummers. Now I don't even notice the extreme vocals and I can understand what the guys are saying.


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They are a great metal band from finland.
I assume you like them cause even my dad does, and he hates metal.
there great guitars and amazing drums.
their drummer is simply amazing.
tell me wat you think.