i think i have to many drums to learn on.


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its been 10yrs since i last played the drums, i had about a good years worth practice on it before i gave it up after a band break up due from no place to use it.

so i scored some free pearl export toms and snare on craigs list for free, bought a pearl forum bass drum and floor tom for 50.00, and bought cymbals and hardware at guitar center and ebay.

so i have 4 total toms 10,12,13,16 and 22'' bass drum and snare.
14 zbt hi-hats mediums, they kinda suck but arent too bad after i sanded them down thinner. 25.00 you cant beat that.
16 ZXT-16in crash, got this and a super nice pearl stand for free from a buddy....the cymbal is sub par at best.
16 A custom...this cymbal thou it had cracks laser cut out still sounds the balls like it wasnt even repaired. bought for 30.00
18- piaste PST 5 crash, this is a really nice sounding cymbal for 85.00, uses as ride for the moment.

so i think i have to much stuff to relearn with, not so much the cymbals but the drums themselves, i find myself lost where to place a fill on what drums, or not practicing beats as much as i should instead i play with the toms alot.
i think i may turn it into a 4 piece and start out slow and add the rest of the toms as needed.

anyone have to many things?


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I used to have a bajillion drums. Over time, laziness set in and I now play a 4 pc.

However, I have sudents that, 10 years ago I made them break their kit down to kick/snare/hat and they had to "earn" a tom back by showing proficiency on the basic setup. Almost all of those people thank me for that, and many play on a 4 pc. because they realize the efficiency of what they do versus what they need.

If you want to sound good and focus yourself, lose everything except the kick/snare/hat. Develop a rapport with those elements then add another drum after a week or two. I know this sounds like torture but it's a great thing.


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Once again Billy hits one out of the park! This is exactly how I screwed up when I first started. I bought a full kit, and was too distracted by all the drums. Rudiments were out the door, and I just started copying songs without out the correct tools to learn properly. Personally I would spend the bulk of my practice time on the snare alone, and work up from there.


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I have a huge cocktail kit. But then I have a 4 pc. And My dad used to take away all my toms from time to time and tell me "no, you get to practice on that. get creative"
then he'd take always all my cymbals except my hi hat and say "No, you're getting too lazy. Be creative"
So.... I may have hated it. But thanks to that I was forced to learn new shit.


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i broke it down to a 4 piece, i need some toms i just had too many, so its down to 12,16,22, and snare.

i only play it twice a week at best so it will take a bit longer to get back into full gear , i like playing at night and in the early a.m. as much as this must piss my neighbors off nothing beats blasting beats in nothing but your boxers for a good hr before breakfast.


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Potatoe Snack":395refdd said:
invision":395refdd said:
nothing beats blasting beats in nothing but your boxers for a good hr before breakfast.
i second that
well i could do that, but it wouldnt be as accomplishing for me, considering i live in the country where my closest "neighbor" is 5 miles away.