i really need help


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ok so i just got (borrowing for a while) a splash cymbal and 12 in. wuhan china and a god knows how big china lol
the problem is, plus my other cymbals excluding hi hat is 6 (2 crash and a ride) is that i only have 3 stands and 2 clamps
i replaced my ride with the china and then i put the wuhan on top of that china
but now i have no ride
1 clamp is holding the splash and so far the other clamp isnt being used, but thats where i want the ride to go
heres some pics
i need to know a better spot for the ride really and its too big to go where my tom is
sorry for the first 1 being so dark

http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r283 ... zHI8Vo.jpg

http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r283 ... qUU7m5.jpg


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hmmmmm, i think your only using 1 tom and a floor yeah? if im right then id say move the crash out of the way and place your ride so it takes up te space where the second tom should go then move the crash next to the floor