I need your help!


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If you are in or near Hollywood on April 17 and want to come see Thrash metal legends Sabbat I have tickets that I must sell. Its gonna be at the Whiskey and the tickets are 30 dollars. I have 10 tickets and I need to get them out asap! Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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not trying to dis on you, but it is bad advertisement to sell something for price X, but then say in the same sentence that if price X is too much you will lower it to Y. then of course price X is too much and you are only going to get price Y. you may have had the chance at price X, and you just lost money... it would have been perfectly understandable if you listed price X, and someone says "Hey i would really like the tickets but that is a little too much." then you could have turned around and said "Well okay i guess i can sell them to you for price Y."

hope that made sense.