I need double pedal advice

i've been playing double bass for 3 years now
i have gained good coordination and independance too
but i want to kno how i could adjust my pedal for easier and faster double kick.
should i loosen it?
should i have the beater close to the head or far?
should the pedal be really bouncy?
i also want to know about seat placement...
high seats?
or low seats?
please help me


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It's really hard to say because every drummer has his/her personal preference for drums. FOr me I use pearl power shifter eliminators so I'm using the blue cams with the footboard adjusted in the middle witht he springs slightly loose, but not too loose. It also depends on what kind of pedals you're using as well.



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With your DB pedals
Its all about finding out what works for you
Everyone plays differently
You will also find that changing the tunning/tightness of your bass skin will alter the feel of your pedals and could improve your speed by giving you more rebound


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If it wer me I'd try going for one extreme to the other, and about halfway through, and trying them all on spring tension, head tension ect. Then see which I preferred. Then if you liked it say a mixture of middle and low on like seat height for example, i'd move down from the middle height or up from bottom and carry on till you find best spot. Then do it on the rest.

Kinda stating the ovious but it might help. Just what i'd try anyway
It definately depends on your personal preferances.

I always like a high seet. its easier when you play heel up, but not too high, so u can play heel down as well.

Also, as i developed more in my double bass playing and as i got faster, i find its easier to go faster if you keep the pedals tighter, but still keep a bit of slack.

u just need to experiment with ur pedals and throne and see what works best for you


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Yeh i deffiantely agree
You just have to experiment
And go with what feels best man
If it works for you keep it like that