I Met Dave Weckl.


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Timekeep69":20hq1y4v said:
There's this thing called dynamics.
Dynamics! Exactly! I just saw my #1 drumming idol, Dave Weckl, for the first time w/Brian Bromberg's Jazz All-Stars @ Yoshi's Jazz Club in Oakland last Tues nite, the 20th! He got the most audience applause by far & blew me/us away w/his dynamics & chops. I sat 5 feet away from his drums & my guitar & bass buddies sat just 5ft. one table behind me. His fluidity, speed, dynamic control, chops, & tasteful musicality were amazing! I'd never been to Yoshi's even tho' I'm right across the water in San Francisco. It's an awesome venue to see your fave. bands/artists! It was by far the best show I'd ever been to. &, a new Yoshi's jazz club is opening in San Francisco next month that's twice the size! The same kind of talented artists will come thru MY city here! Yoshi's--> http://www.yoshis.com/

After the show, we hung out in the lobby, as Brian B. said they'd be around to chat, sell CDs, take pics., & sign autographs. D. Weckl grabbed a beer @ the bar & was accosted by about 15 people who'd formed a line to meet him. I waited for most peeps to leave & approached Dave Weckl saying "No photos or autographs for me, Dave. I just wanted to shake my drumming hero's hand!" :lol: We then spoke for a good 10 mins. about ambidexterity, Buddy Rich, his own music & other projects, my muzak & playing, etc. I asked where he lived, where he was from, & if he gave lessons but he said he was too busy playing out these days. He snickered when I said "It's funny, Dave. I feel like a giddy 12yr old meeting Santa 4 the 1st time. I own 5 of your instructional DVDs, 6 music CDs, play eight of your HHX Evolution cymbals, & have gone thru about 40 pairs of your sexy, orange sticks." I told him of our San Francisco history, my brotherly band & myspace pages, & a bit about Jazz guru Peter Magadini (my teacher), whom Dave knows. Both are Yamaha drum & Vic Firth stick endorsees.

Trivia: Dave's fairly short @ about 5'6+", an earthy, laid-back dude, & seems pretty fukken cool! Among other things, I said "Great playing! Thanx 4 the show. We'll be back to see y'all @ either Yoshi's again!"

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That's cool!

I'd love to see some of the great drummers up close and percsonal like that. Maybe I need to go to there, take a holiday next time he plays haha!


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That's awesome. there's no live show like a weckl show. i met him a couple times now after shows and he's extremely approachable. in fact his whole band is. when I saw him during the brandon fields and buzz era..they actually sat at our table after a show because a friend of brandon fields was there alone and asked if he could sit at our table..we thought the dude was full of crap but apparanty not,..we all had a drink,and they asked me and my buddy if we wanted to hang out at a different club they were heading to.. i think it was attached to the hotel they were staying in..unfortunately we had to decline because we only had like 2 bucks on us total. very awkward moment but unforgettable.


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Bad a$$ man. That's awesome. Brian Bromberg is a SICK bass player. The two of them on stage must have been just mind blowing. Congrats!


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iampoor":x3o34s0f said:

Most drummers arn't THAT approachable :D
People say Weckl's got attitude problems and such..the few times I've seen him, he' was very cool and down to earth..I do remember one show I was at, the MC made a "request from the band" that the first ten rows of tables please do not smoke. I was in the first table right in the middle and every single person completely respected that request.. it was kinda weird. I don't smoke so i was diggin it too... lol



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Glad you got to meet him! I dont know who would say he has attitude problems. Ive met him many times. I helped him set up his kit at 2 clinics I worked. I ate dinner with him after one of them. Hes about the coolest most laid back, real, chill guy Ive ever met. Hes also good about answering ALL the drumming questions you can think of.