I kind of need some help


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ok, hi guys this is my first post and im not sure if it should go in this section but here goes anyway

currently i own a peavy international series 2 in wine red with a standard rock configuration and ive had it for a while and it has benn gigged heavily

12" x 10" tom
13" x 11" tom
16" x 16" floor tom
22" x 14" bass drum
14" x 6 1/2" snare drum

also i have another 16 x 16 floor tom in the same color as the rest of the kit

i also have a ZBT 4 pack so 20" ride, 16" crash, 18" crash and 14" hi hats

also i have a pedal from a tama superstar my mate sold me plus everything but the snare stand is double braced

i REALLY want a new kit but first i have to sell this first

im wondering how much all this would be worth, im looking at buying a intermediate kit around £400-500 after that, something like a Pearl ELX, Mapex vx/M, Premier Cabria etc so if you can advise me what to get after ive sold it that also wold be very helpfull

thanks alot guys

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Used Drums are like used cars, if it's in mint condition, it'll sell for more than if it's beaten up.

It may not be worth your while trying to sell if it's not going to fetch much, where as keeping the old kit, maybe giving it a facelift and using it when you don't want to put your new kit on the line (kit share's etc) could be more beneficial in the long run.

Course, that depends on how much room you have and everything else.

I have no idea how much that kit would get, cymbals different matter, but the shells I don;t know. Perhaps look on ebay, see if you can find a comparable kit.

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Arcadeia":255lu08u said:
room is no problem i have a massive house haha


that kit is similar, crap to begin with but been upgraded mine im sure would be less than that but its the same idea as what ive done to mine, plus i think that kit is a little over priced

also would it help if i sold the thing seperatly in parts?
Generally you're more likely to sell a cheap starter kit as a full set, cymbals etc as the kind of person who is going to buy it is probably going to need all those different parts. If that makes sense?

I mean it's entirely up to you, but I have just bought a Starclassic and I've still got my Pearl Export because I know selling it would get me next to nothing and the hassle of selling it etc, isn't worth it. Instead I've stripped off the old faded wrap, I'm gonna refinish it, put it back together and use it as a practice, beating kit.

Quick question, how bad does the kit sound and what skins have you got on it?


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its sounds very good for what it is, ive had it for a while and so ive had to tune it and tweak it to get that last ounce of great sound out of it, currently the snare is a remo weatherking, toms are a mixture of evans cadcam rock 2 ply and a 2 remo pinstripes, the bass is a remo something or other (name covered by gaffa tape)[/quote]

Rob Crisp

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If the skins are all beat up, pitted, worn out etc, just replacing your heads and keeping the same kit could be a good move for now. Save up and get a really nice mid to top range kit, cymbals etc.

Infact, if you re skin the kit and spend time tuning it, buying new cymbals is the one thing that's going to improved your overall sound.

It's possible to make a cheap set sound decent with good heads and time, but cymbals are always going to have the same ovveriding charachteristics ya know.

Rob Crisp

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No worries! Like I say, that's what i'd do, but at the end of the day, do what you feel best! If you can get the money together, go for it! :)