I *heart* my drums


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DrumsPlus":19mbs5oj said:
Interesting ride placement. Can I ask if your left or right handed?
Perhaps open handed?

Is that a K Hybrid Crash in the middle? If so, what do you think of it?


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Thanks for the compliments guys.

1997 model Tama Artstar ES

Yes I play left hand lead.

Yes it is a K Custom Hybrid crash. I like it more as a secondary crash primarily on upbeat accents, on account of the volume of this particular band. It doesn't quite cut enough for a primary crash in metal music. I'll use it as a main crash in my other band, which is a lighter, less intense classic rock band. As far as the sound, it has beautiful rich crystal sounding crash. The unlathed bell makes for some good patterns. It's very thin, so it's not very loud relative to my other crashes, which are an A Custom projection and Z Custom medium. I got it because I like diversity in my crash sounds. All my crashes are 17". 18"'s are too "gongy" for me.