i have a old video on my myspace that i would like feeback

hi guys i have a drum video on my videos section on my myspace profile and would like some feedback and constructive criticism please all i'm looking to do is improve my playing

the link is


the second video has an error on it and i'm going to remove that but any feedback of how i can approve please


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Are you sure thats the link, it comes up with a myspace page with nothing on it!

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Well, you asked right?

Its only a 20 second clip... but from what I heard you need to begin to work with a metronome immediately. The tempos in the short clip showed a real lack of time keeping. Besides that the two fills were messy and also disturbed you're meter even further.

I'm not trying to be an asshole here, I'm just trying to answer your question and try to help put you into a position to be a better drummer. Meter is something you can learn. Rudiments you can learn... Desire and the ability to listen to other drummers who's opinion you asked can't be.

Good luck. I hope you put up another clip sometime in the future after making some more progress.
no no thats what i asked for honesty i admit i haven't had many lessons simply put can't afford them i just learned some stuff by playing along to songs that clip is somthin i made up on the spot

if you have any information on how i can learn rudiments and stuff it would be appriecated

also i have a problem with co -ordination i can't make my hands do different things than what my legs are doing with the kick drum do you have any techinques or tips that i can use to tackle this problem overwise i'm going to be stuck playin the ol 1+2+3+4 rock rythm

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Alright first go out and buy a metronome. This is the base of your tempo. Without solid time we can't do our main job in a band.

Second, I dont know how much you are familiar with rythmic notation. Like do you understand quarter notes, eight notes, sixteenth notes etc.?

If you do, you want to go out and buy the book called Stick Control for the Snare Drummer written by George Lawrence Stone.

This will be your bible for the next six months.

You also want to pick up Syncopation by Ted Reed.

These two books, practiced daily (I like two hours) with a metronome... will so drastically improve you're playing within six months that you won't believe how far you will have come.

Also, look on Youtube for instructional videos. Just be careful on who you watch.

Online Drummer found at:


Or at Onlinedrumer.com. This guy even has video's to teach you how to read music if you have no experience doing it.

Good luck. Just take baby steps... and use a metronome.

If you get stuck or have questions or just need some motivation drop me a PM or just ask in the forums. Everybody seems pretty cool here.

As far as motivation This clip always motivates me heh :


Thats Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl and Vinnie Colaiuta showing us in 9 minutes that they are the best drummers in the world today. Steve Gadd, the guy in the middle, is in my opinion the greatest drummer hands down in the world today.

Good luck.
no not familiar with any form of time patterns that you mentioned but i'll take your advice and get them books don't know if there available in the uk i'll look on ebay


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Well I agree with all the above, but I would also like to add, I strongly suggest you purchase the dave weckl dvd set, it is very detailed, and shows you from the ground up everything about drumming, I suggest starting from the beginning with this video, anyway that is my suggestion. Keep it up man and you will be the next dave lombardo.