I guess its time to show off the new kit


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ive been out of drumming for about 2 years now, i went back to playing guitar, and after a year long run with my bands current drummer, he left due to distance issues. So i took the opportunity to get back into playing drums, and we found a guitarist to replace me.

heres a list of everything i bought(new) within the past 3 weeks.

pdp x7 maple LACQUER silver to black fade
8,10,12,14,16, 22x18 and 14" snare
dw9002 double bass pedal
sabian aax 14" stage hats
sabian 16" aaxplosion crash
sabian 18" aaxplosion crash
sabian aax 8" splash
sabian 22" metal ride
sabian 21" stage ride(auxillary ride)
8" agazarian splash
10" agazarian splash
12" wuhan china
16" wuhan china
7" sabian alubell
pdp rack

Next on my list are:
alesis dm5
bbe sonic maximizer
rack case
pinstripe heads for all the toms
2 nice chinas(not sure what i want just yet)

You can check out what were doing here: www.myspace.com/thefuneralprocession


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thanks for the nice words guys. so far im loving everything, the azagarian splahes suprised me, theyre explosive, fast and bright, unlike the wuhan splash i used for 2 days a few years ago, and for the price, theyre unbeatable.

i just need a few more clamps to get everything on the rack, so no more stands.
next up is an alesis dmpro, ive got a friend selling one that i might pick up.


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Wow dude, impressive! Can I suggest trying some Evans G2 clears for your toms instead of pinstripes? I played pinstripes for years, and am slowly making the change on most of my kits.


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i threw new heads on it the other day, went with the pin stripes and am very pleased. i used to be an avid coated g2 fan, but i thought id try something different and am glad i did.


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ok, after a few days with the pinstripes im not so gungho about them, i should have went with what i already knew i liked. ill be picking up some coated g2s in the next few weeks.