i got a double bass pedal!!!now hoe do i use it?


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so i tryed it and set it up...its really hard and i need advice and pointers...all i can get /////!!!!


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Well there was a write up in the pearl forum about pedal set-up. Basically you pull both beaters back evenly with your hands and let them go and they should fly together evenly. There might be a very slight drag with the slave pedal towards the end of the beaters in motion but that is common because of the linkage. Pedal tension is basically personal preference.

Ok to get you started playing this how I learned.. first and this is only to get a feel for it , I would play 8th notes on the ride 1+2+3+4+ , and on counts 1 and 3 I would play a 16th note 1e+a on the bassdrum starting with the right foot ( if you are right handed. ) hit the snare on counts 2 and 4 . So your pattern is 1e+a 2 3e+a 4 once you feel comfortable with this play 16th notes on all 4 beats. I hope this helps, that should get you started. Then once you get that there are all kinds of crazy fills between hands and feet that your going to want to learn called 2, 4's and 6's .. These I will explain on another topic .