How would a robot replacment make you feel?


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The technology to replace bass players has been around for years, but the technology to make the robot bass player smoke a pipe, smell like the north end of a south bound donkey and distract girls that look like a badly dented 20 year old dumpster have yet to be realised.


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my buddies in Consortium of Genius have employed a 'robot' of sorts for years now;

they set up a drum kit onstage, and the drumbot is televised on the screen behind the kit.
He keeps pretty good time too.

I think it's mostly for entertainment value, bear in mind...


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Not gonna happen. Humans have a way of adapting....look at the drum machine and it's effect on drummers. Sure, alot of players lost work from the introduction of the machine but we adapted, didn't we?

I can't wait to get my hands on one of those drummer robots. I'll train it to play just like me and send a fleet of 'em all over the place, like a troupe of plumbers. And the best thing? They won't screw me when it comes time to get the bread they made for me. :)