How to mic a bass drum which doesnt have a hole?


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It may have been on here somewhere but I was wondering if any of you know the best way to mic a bass drum without a hole. Ive heard of sound men getting annoyed at drummers who dont have holes and i myself havent got mics so i cant find out myself and I dont have a hole in mine. Where should you place the mic if you dont have a hole?


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it depends on the mic. the flat one (i forget the name) i don't really know, a shure 52 (or one simalar) you can just but in front of the front head it won't be great but it'll work (some sound guy friends discussed putting the mic on the pedal side, but that may prove troublesome)


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Why not cut a hole in the bass drum? It's almost always opens the sound up. Get a $.05 paper plate (snack size) as a template and a really sharp hobby knife. But to mic a bass drum senza hole is to place the mic pointing towards the batter head under your feet, where it's really easy to kick it and destroy it and have to pay the sound guy for busting up his prize D10.