How to make youtube videos?


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I was wondering if anyone here has a good set-up for this? What camera and mic's. Also do you know of any good song editing programs where I could make a song medley and video programs are used.

I want to get this set up soon I have lots of tricks to share.
sorry man i have no helpful suggestions but i would like to add to this question.

does anyone know how to submit longer videos on youtube. it only allows like 10 mins and ive seen videos that go for much longer. im just wondering how its done koz i have just finished learning dream theater's A Change Of Seasons (for those that dont know..its a 24 min song) and i wanna put it on youtube as one video

Johnny Cat

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In response to the first post, check out Adobe Premier. If you want to get REALLY serious about it, go with a ProTools set-up.

For the second post, I'm pretty sure YouTube limits by file size, not video length. Videos I've seen on there that are longer than 10 minutes are really poor quality video and audio, usually because of the sample rates, which would keep the file size down more. You could put up something of excellent quality video and audio-wise, but it could only be limited to about 10 minutes or so because the file would be too big. It's a matter of ratios really.