How much would/can you spend on a drum kit?

how much would/can you spend on a new kit?

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  • $1k-$2k

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  • $2k-$3k

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  • $3k-$5k

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just curious what our demographic is here, as far as drum prices go.
what price range are you most likely to shop in for a typically configured kit, if you were shopping for one?

feel free to elaborate or convert price if $ isn't what you use.


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i dont think over 1k is a good deal, maybe because im a 14yr old newbzors

i think that buying parts and making it how you like and knowing more about it is better(and cheaper i assume) with an added sense of accomplishment. but for you old guys who have less time and more money thats probably different, but i might be wrong, the only drummers i know out in the real world buy everything made


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The amount i can spend on a drum set depends on how much I can sell my organs for on the black market.
JK, really prolly around 1k. But i dont plan on spending that much anytime in the near future.


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I'm looking at spending $1-2k on a birch kit in the next few months. I'm either going to buy the parts and make my own or try to find a gently used Pearl Masters BRX.