How much do you reacon I would get for my Pearl?


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Pearl EX 20th Anniversary
Jet Black with Black hardware

10", 12", 13" rack toms and 14" floortom

plus 14" X 5.5" Snare drum and 22" X 18" Bass drum.

all with new Clear Evans Genera G2 Skins on toms
Evans Coated Reverse Power Centre on snare
and An Emad Skin on the Bass drum

saving up for a Pearl Masterworks, And wondered how much I would get for this to part exchange. Thanks


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the kit new cost £450 but as its second hand bout £400 dependin on the condition but as its got new skins, i would say between £400 - £450 for it! all depends on the condition and hardware, cymbals etc


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dude if you looking to exchange your kit for something you'll get practically nothing off.

if the kit is brand new hardly ever used you might get 400 max! but once you buy the kit its worth practically nothing!! i say if you looking to get any decent money from it sell it to a friend who doesnt know loads about drum kits.


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How much does everyone think i could get for this?

Black Pearl Export Series.

2 - 22" bass drums
10", 12", 13" rack toms
14" 16" floor toms
14" snare

factory Pearl reso heads and VERY used Remo Ebony Pinstripes.

how much do you guys think i could get for it? it was $1100 new but obviously has signs of wear. i can clean up the rust no problem.


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thanks for the help :)

yeah, I would hopefully get 250 - 300 for it and then get some money from savings or something.

I would love a DW but I think they are a bit to pricey and I am never really sure what the deal includes, often its like just the shells, but that would be no good for me if I was selling my export as a pack, including, hardware etc


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MY advice...

Never sell gear.

You never get anywhere near what you paid for it... and you always regret it later.


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I am hoping to get a little bit more than 60$ for it really.

I am unsure to what to do now, it is a nice kit still and I think I should really wait until I get a price I'm happy with.

Thanks for the help :)