How much are my drums worth?

Are we tired of posts like this one yet?

  • No, we enjoy using our crystal balls

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  • No, we ENJOY begging for the information so we can help!

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  • Tired of posts like THIS? Who could grow tired of THIS?

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  • YES.... ENOUGH ALREADY, Put ALL the information in the FIRST post so we can all jump in and lend a h

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u guys must of read a shite load of these posts cause u are brilliant at this. although i can understand some of the posts because i never have the opportunity to go to a drum store myself the ones who are looking to flog of drums annoy me


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Atmerrill":mvr3imph said:
zen_drummer":mvr3imph said:
Timekeep69":mvr3imph said:
I like the "What drum set should I buy but I'm not going to tell you how much I have to spend or what kind of music I play."
Don't hijack my thread... What are my damn drums worth?

And are they better than DW?

Both of these are funny as hell. Thanks for the chuckle, was getting to think it was just me. Can I just add: "What type of wood should I get my new drums in?"
I second that