how many sticks have you used over your drumlife?

nutha jason

think about it. try to work up an estimate.

here's my calculation:

year 1 - 12 (3 pairs a year) = 36pairs
12 - 14 (1 pair a year) = 2 pairs
14 - 18 (16 pairs a year) = 80pairs

so far i've used 118 pairs of sticks!


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In my first several months, 6 pairs of Vic Firth Rock sticks... $12x6=$72
Since I switched, over a year since, six pairs of Ahead LR stick covers: $6x6=$36


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when i started i used eastons, so it took me a while to break my first pair. been playing regular woods for probably about 10 years now, but i play a ton more now than i did 2 years ago. i would guess somewhere around the 70-80 range.


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One month at practice, a long time ago, I counted about 16 broken, and about 12 no longer usable (just too flimsy, warped, etc.). That would be 28 for that month. Mind you that was practice 4-5 nights a week, with a show a week, so those might be high numbers. Lets go with 5 pair a month (average) for 21 yrs. 21x12x5=1260. Seems high, but some nights I've broken many, oh yeah, Zildjian sticks suck. Prolly alot less using Pro-Mark.


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i got some cheaper heavier sticks 2 years ago and i only broke like maybe 3 pairs of those sticks plus i got some more this christmas so im set for a while, before that i broke quite a few.


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The first few years of playing in the 4th 5th and 6th grade I probably went through a pair per year... then for the next 6 years probably 20 pairs in that time... then came the gigging... 50-75 pairs per year for 32 years so I have to say between 1600 and 2400 pairs... sooooo... let's average that out to 2000 pair in that timeframe.


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ahh, my area of expertise. can't count that high. we should find a way to recycle 'em. could save the planet collectively.
I hit a rim shot every snare hit, so go figure. I buy the cheap specials from guitar center to afford it.
anyone remember vic firth DC-10s?? they could put up with the abuse (for a while).


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17 sticks (before switching to ahead). 1 cracked cymbal. 2 busted drum heads. - haha i had my snare head CRANKED and it exploded during practice. the other one was an Aquarian Superkick II. my bass player did that when we was playing on my kit. dont ask me how the hell he did that. i could use hammers for beaters and that head would still hold up.


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I've never broken a stick. Instead, they have long painful deaths of being slowly chewed away by cymbal hits, mis-strokes on toms (hitting the rim more than the head), and failed rimshots.

I think I've only ever used about 10 pairs of sticks in 3 years or so. And 2 of those pairs are PRACTICE PAD ONLY! 1 slightly heavier than my normal sticks for a quick warmup, and 1 pair like rolling pins for full on practice schedule run throughs.