how long to practise for each day?


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how long do you practise for each day/ night.

i try for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours a day.

weekly i drum wth the ex screaming jets drummer, he is probly the best in newcastle without a doubt, and thats what he does and it pays off.

what do you think.?


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I play for about an hour each day, I could play for much longer, but I usually go pretty heavy duty, as I love playing like that. If I was just playing slower / rudiment etc etc then I dunno, longer I guess XD


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if i dont have a show or studio session i might play on the kit for about 3 or 4 hours. and then another 2 hours of pad wotk throughout the day. if i do have to do studio work or play a show i'll usually do about an hour and a half to two hour power practice/warmup before hand


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An hour of open handed drumming then an hour of cross stick followed by an hour or two of doing rudiments on couch cushions and the like. If I could, I'd live at my practice space and sleep next to my drums.


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I spend 5 minutes on the first 13 exercises in the "Stick Control" book on both hands & double pedal.....all with metranome....increasing speed each week. I then spend 3 minutes (non-stop) on each rudiment. Then Ill spend 45 minutes on new chops & fills, ad if the wife doenst need me by then, ill play with music. It varies from 1-1/2 hours up to 4-6 on the weekends. Its never enough.


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a half-four to an hour a day depending on the mood of the people living in my house...

I don't have practice pads and its hard to play drums while people are asleep heh...

I wish I could practice all damn day though...


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I try to practice for at least 2 hours a day dedicating the first 15 min to rudiment exercises and other workouts. Then I just jam, sometimes working on something that I might have heard during the day.

On the weekends I ususally practice from 11 am to late at night with my band. :D


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I solved the problem of not being able to play while everybody's asleep by buying an electronic set. The only bad thing is that I have to move my throne, my music stand, and my double pedal is on my accoustic set. But it is all worth it.


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I practice for about 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours a day.

About 45min on practice pad, 45 min practicing rudiments with my feet, about 45min to over an hour on my drumset.


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ushally 45 min but i went to my friends concert and the opning band was insainly good so i proacted 2 hours today just ccause i felt inspired


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damn you people make me feel bad o.0 id practice anything from 1 to 5 hours a day.. but sometimes I only get to practice once a week for an hour =S


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depends if I work or not. if i have to work then its 0 mins a day.. I do 7pm-7am work sched. so I just work/sleep/work/sleep.

On my off days its every minuite Im at home. If im not playing my kit, im hitten practice pads. i even hit em during movies and while I play vid'ja games.... So when im home it's everywhere from 3hours-10hours. pending.


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on the kit-1/2 hour - 3 hours depending on what work I have to do that day. days with no work probably a good 4-6.

on a pad-I can usually fit in another 1-2 hours before I go to bed and on the days that I only have time on the kit for less than an hour and a half then I try to add another 1/2-1 hour if I have the time.


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If you're young and have high ambitions, practicing should be a part-time job -- 20 to 30 hours a week, especially if you're still learning the fundamental stuff.

The more you play, the less you'll have time to practice, but it's always good to stay on top of the stuff you know at that point.
i would say it depends on a lot of things...if u practice fo like 3 hrs with heavy sticks...that would pay off alot more then practicing 3 hrs with light would say..practice as much as you can...and play with heavier sticks when practicing...u'll get better alot faster...i usually practice with marching sticks


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i used to practice alot with marching sticks and it does infact help but the bad part is that you have to keep doing that in order to keep your strength because when you go back to smaller sticks during practice you'll lose alot of power that was acheived with the bigger ones simply because the weight isnt there anymore to keep you overly tuned up physically. its a very good idea to use them to warm up quickly but not long hours of practice unless you intend to keep using them permanently.


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I used to practice 8 hours a day then I got older and wanted to buy a house so I worked 60 hours a week and praticed 1hour a day then was in boneface and rehearsed three hours every other day and now I only practice 1 hour a day if that. I rehearse 4 hours a day when I'm working in a band or getting ready to record.