How long do your drumsticks last?


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It depends. With a nylon tip It's about 3-4 months of intensive playing until the stick breaks. With a wood tip It's about 3-4 weeks. Wood tips chip away too fast when I play, so I tend to use nylon tips.


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my sticks last for about 4-5 months - I play them till the point that there is really not much wood left ;)

The longest I've been using a pair is almost 8 months - they look like a hungry dog thought that they were a bone ;)


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my last pair of Vater Chad Smith funk blasters lasted me about 4 months, i dont mind the tips being a little worn as long as they aint competely gone, i play with them :D


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depends im either lucky or not. ive got some drums sticks have had for at least a year now. but then im not a heavy hitter. also have been unlucky bought a pair of sticks and broke them in less than a week. so prob just bad wood in one pair.

one thing i do hate is breaking one stick. aand then having about 4 5 sticks that are odd. :( lol. anyone else get that?

btw best sticks ive played is 5a extremes Nylon. vic firth.


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The Alien Drummer":pfqw0hgh said:
1 gig, 2 max. What am I doing wrong? LOL
1 pair of broken sticks per gig at give or take 9 bucks a pair and 3 to 4 shows a week. you need to find a less expensive way to take out your aggression. lol


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I go through 1-2 pairs every week. Sometimes 3.

Then again I play a lot. (I think...)
20 hours a week between practice and gigs.
(3 days a week, 5 hours per practice + practice alone + gigs)

Pretty sad actually because I should be way better than I am.


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I use 1 or 2 sticks per year. I don't destroy my drumsticks very quickly, I like to keep 'em in good nack. Also, I play them until they begin to resemble a toothpick ;).


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eh, anywhere from a week to 3 or 4 months. sometimes it just matters if the stick has a flaw or how heavy im playing. i am an extremely heavy hitter, and i used to break like 2 sticks a week. but then a started playing promark 5bn white oak and theres really no problems with them.


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Depends on how hard I play. The style, tempo or type of music. I use Vic Firth Steve Gadd sticks for the light stuff. I use BlackBay 5B for the heavy stuff. I guess it all depends on how hard you play.


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Ever since I switched to Vater I've had sticks last for a recockulous amount of time (several months). I've broken a couple, but it took a really long time, and I beat the living crap out of them.


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I use Vater 5A with nylon tips, and they can last me from 2-3 months at a time. I've gotten the most longevity from these sticks.

Last year, I tried Vic Firth Extrem 5A nylons, and one pair worked for a while, but the next pair snapped after 2 weeks (I only played with them TWICE!) I haven't used Vic Firth since.

Vater has given me the best quality overall, and have lasted the longest (even while playing with Metallica-like intensity)


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I usually kill a pair a week, I'm not a heavy hitter either. After a week or so they wear down & they feel too light, or unballanced. I haven't broken a stick in a year or so.

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a pair for every 3 or 4 months

I play prety hard on shows, but for practice with my band I just shill

and at home on a practice pad kit I use scooters those I have been using teh same pair for 4 years now.. =]


depends on what I'm playing and the stick. I use jazz sticks for jazz (obviously) and those can last up to 5 months for me. For rock I still use fairly thin sticks that an inexperiance jazz drummer might think were suited for jazz but the tips always break before I ever do any real damage to the center, this is anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 weeks, though sometimes you buy a poorly made pair that shatters in a week, but no matter what the second the tip is damage I toss the sticks because they don't rebound the same anymore and it bugs me to no end.