How I re-finished my snare drum.


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Now the snare you see is an OLD Tama Grand Star 14x6 Birch shell that came with a chrome wrap that I traded 15' new beats me, I bought a pair of 2002 15' soundedge hi-hats, so for me it was a no brainer. It sounded beautiful but I am not a big fan of wrapped drums. So guess what I did...

I took the wrap off and sanded it down, painted it black to bring out the wood grain and then sanded it down again, now reapeat that about six sucked but when I finally put the red to looked really good.

Here she is in all her glory..its OK people, you can drool. She sounds as good as she looks.

Here she is with the kit in the same room as my friend Damion's kit.

So tell me what you think? For not knowing how to re-finish before doing this what do you think of my handy work?

Be honest, I know I could have done better but I want to hear what you have to say.


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I must say that you did your refinishing jog pretty well, man! The finish is great in my opinion, it really suits the rest of the kit :) BTW it looks killer with these 80'style lugs and diecast hoops!


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Nice job.
My only suggestion would be to take a close look at the bearing edges. They looked a little worn in one of the pictures.
Smooth, true bearing edges make a huge difference in the response and tuning of your drum.


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Your right, the bottom edges are compressed at the snare mechanism. I do not trust myself to do it though. You know anybody? LOL!!

I just e-mailed your company about it. Thanks for the links.


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Wow, the lefty set up looked completely normal to me.

Looks really good man. I might do that with some old wrapped Mapex drums I have.


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Thank You for the compliments, I gotta tell ya, I am in love with that snare. An old friend I used to play with just joined the band I am playing in now and one of the first things out of his mouth was' "You got that same kickin' snare sound man"

I have had several snares in my travels but I always seem to get a good sound out of them. It was nice to know I had not lost my touch. :)