how do you sit?


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iv been playing now for about 7 years and considered myself to have good posture on the kit, untill i came across a fellow drummer friend of mine called guy davis. He sits with the straightest back ever and seems to hold his sticks abit week, but he gets so much power and aggression from the playing like this.

Iv tried to change the way a sit and it has had some effect on my playing.

Has posture changed your playing?

P.S. guy davis is a fantastic drummer in a band called reuben from the uk you should check him out.


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I don't use a backrest on my throne, but I sit as straight as I possibly can, and sit so my thighs are level with the floor. That seems to get me the speed and power combination that I need for what I play.


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I shoot for;

relatively high throne
straight back
knees level with or lower than hip
snare above thighs

do you mean that his grip is loose? Loose grip is generally suggested/preferred, I think-


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then when u get cramps on ur thigh
does that mean ur throne is too low to
where everything is high? i slouch a lil
[heh im lazy] still power and attack is
achieved! :D


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i sit high usually my knees are a bit below my waist it helps me play straighter and i have an above drumming feel which i strive for i love being over the drums and being able to access them at any time from any position also lately ive gotten into some more death metal drumming and harder drumming styles such as opeth ,job for a cowboy, As blood runs black, and all that remains and it really gets ur feet in that pocket for the double bass its helped me a lot because i struggled with posture attack and my kicks for like a year or so and now i just know to hit the throne up high and i'll fly 8)


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I prefer to sit low, I feel off balance if I sit high. I get more power from playing in this low position. I really don't have good posture either but I don't think it has affected my playing at all. I just have everything on my kit placed naturally where my arm will want to fall when I swing to hit something.