How Did you get your start?


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Drumline/school band vs. Self Taught/Private lessons

I know it is two different ways of going about it, so how did you get your start, and which way do you think is better?

I personally started out in the latter. I took a few private lessons on snare, and then I picked up the set and taught myself.


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School band, private lessons and drumline. I played drumset the whole time on my own because THAT is why I got into drumming - to play drumset! My parents made the deal that I had to take lessons and be in school bands if I was going to play drums. I now remember some school teacher grilling Steve Gadd about mallet instruments at his clinic in Dallas a couple of years ago. His wise response was that he would have to devote as much time to those instruments as he did to the drumset. He chose the drumset. Sorry, but the teacher had the agenda of ramming Tympani and Marimba down every one else's throat.


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i only reall bought a drumset cause my sister was helping me pay cause she thought it would be fun, she stopped playing after a week and i had a kit. then my guitar teacher got me in a band after i had only been playing a couple weeks, somewhow they were patient with my playing... i took lessons after i had been playing for a couple months, but i wasnt getting alot out of, i want to take more lessons to learn better foot technique cause n matter how much i practice i cant seem to play DB very well...


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i have an older brother who was playing since before i was born . he moved in near my house when i was a kid an di used to go to his and play on his drums he showed me some basics but after he gave me my first set i learned everything else on my own


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Started playing the snare drum in elementary up to 9th grade. My band teacher just gave me drum set parts and I was obviously overwhelmed because I didn't even know the basics of the set at the time. So I kinda learned by myself. 6 months later, I got a real set and started taking lessons. So I've been playing for almost a year and a half now.


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I had an older friend that I really looked up to who started playing drums. So I told my parents I wanted to take band in sixth grade. I spent my first year learning snare and had my first crap-tacular kit by the end of that school year. I had to mow lawns for the entire summer to pay for it. From there, I'm mostly self taught for playing kit but I've had a few periods of formal instruction. I feel that my six years in school marching/concert band did a tremendous amount to make me a musician and not just a drummer.

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i wanted to join the school band in 3rd grade. i couldn't afford a saxophone, and my older cousin said he had an old snared rum i could have. i practiced for weeks and finally got the basic stuff down. later on i started teaching myself and playing timpani, marimba, bells, and xylophone for school.
in 7th grade i heard a Roots album, ?estLove became my own personal jesus christ, I stopped playing for the school and focused on the drum kit. from hip-hop i got into funk, jazz, fusion, and eventually rock. i brought all of my rudimentary knowledge to the kit.


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I started bangin on pots n pans when i was 6, then my mom brought me to my uncles house one day and had the privledge to fart around on his no name kit... then i was hooked... my parents bought me a little toy set for $50 that had paper skins...I spray painted the one cymbal coming out of the bass drum blue...then when i was like 8-9 my uncle gave me his no name kit (that i spray painted black)...and that was when my first real "beat" came about. around this time i took private lessons on the snare for 1 summer. then i did school band from 4th to 8th grade... for the most part, i am self taught. never had a real lesson on the kit... my lessons were watching and listening to other drummers play

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Pots and Pans, Stairs, Tables, Plates, Chairs, Beds anything that could be hit. 1st "real" toy kit for Christmas when I was 3. 1st real drumkit and lessons when I was 6. First live performance was at 8 in a primary school production (a 2 nighter whoo hoo!!!).


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I'm self taught. I decided I wanted to play drums, begged for a ser, got it for my birthday and flipped out (even if it was a total chep-o) and been teaching myself since. I wanna take lessons now though to help boost my skills and creativity.


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I was in the junior high band for 2 years (played trumpet). It was great to learn to read music that early. Just got started into drumming. I've been playing guitar for 10 years. I'm always rhythmically tapping on something, so what better way to put that to use than getting a drumset?

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Well one day some time ago i was in a chinese restaurant beating the table with chinese sticks...hell i was annoying everyone and my stepmom looked at me and said do you wanna play drums or something i was like "Yea sure" thinking she was kidding and then my dad looked at me and said "Seriously huh?" im like "Yes" hes like "ok" a week later im getting lessons haha and a month later i get my first set an electronic yamaha...I swear that thing helped me alot.


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I did the "air drumming" thing for years before I got a set. Always wanted to long back as I can remember. My mother bought an incomplete set from someone..not knowing that you needed a bass drum pedal, a hi-hat play. Luckily...or unluckily as the case may be....I came into a small amount of cash...and with the money I had saved..I was able to buy another set and get started. Completely self taught by just playing...listening to things and trying to re-create them. My 1st instructional information at all was in the last 3 years....when I finally bought some DVD's to check out. I can hold my own against the best of them...and have a lot of cool tricks up my sleeve...but I'm wise enough to know that I can benefit from a teacher. So that's my next step....


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school band in fifth grade....didnt wanna do marchin band in seventh cause i hated the uniform and feathery hat...wish i woulda stayed with it tho.


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Well, my brother was starting Guitar lessons and I had a choice between a computer class and Drum lessons.

I picked Drums.


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When I come up with stuff its new every time, the fills, odd time signatures crash hits and double bass feels. It's all raw and dope.