hornets drumsticks


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I've seen the Hornets drumsticks advertised here and there, they look pretty cool but seemed a bit pricey~ couldn't find anyone who'd tried them out, so decided to commit and get a pair.

They are really nice-looking ~ a work of art. I was a little scared to use them much, but finally gave them a try during the last few days of our recording sessions. They feel very good!

on their website, they claim:
• Reduced muscle fatigue
• Unique contours fit comfortably in the hand
• Reduced stick vibration

I can vouch for the first 2. Definitely very comfortable to play with, you get used to the handle shape, and frankly it's kind of ruining me for going back to 'normal' sticks. These feel really good!
I don't know for sure how much the vibration is reduced, or how much the o-rings really make a difference.

I did try flipping the sticks like they suggest to play the cymbals with the o-ring ends, and that's pretty cool. Gives a softer strike, nice for swells.

So, as far as I can tell, these are pretty cool! They ain't cheap, that's for sure, but I'm very tempted to buy a couple more pairs after these get too chewed up.

I got this pair, it matches my kit:


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well, now someone in Hawaii has my pair- dang thief!
he got my cellphone, digital camera, everything I'd collected at NAMM-

what I miss the most are my Hornets and my picture with Tony Levin!

I did get to meet the Hornets staff at their NAMM booth, they were great folks, and I got to try out all their products. I really dig what they are doing, it's very original.

now I HAVE to buy some more


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I don't think they'd be much different than other sticks, durability-wise. I used them on some studio sessions and chewed the tip a bit on the hats, but they didn't split or break on me. Used them on a NAMM gig, but it was w/ Vdrums so no damage could really be inflicted.

I'd say over time they'd break no more or less often than most wooden sticks

oh, and by the way- I tried to track down every new type of stick at NAMM I could find to compare them all. Wanted to see how the Hornets held up side-by-side with Ahead, X-cel, and any new type of design I could come across. The X-cels were pretty strange with the reverse approach from the hornets; instead of the carved handle section they have a 'ball' grip that was pretty weird.

Upshot was, I didn't find anything else at NAMM I liked better than the Hornets. These things are really cool.


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Tell us something about the cross-stick sound with the back of the stick. Many people play the cross stick with the butt because it's more consistent and tunable. How's that with the Hornets?


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Haven't tried that yet, I don't cross-stick much.
As soon as I get some replacements in for my stolen pair I'll check that out. I can see where the flanging of the 'handle' section might make that technique a little iffy.
will file a report ASAP.


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have tried the butt-end cross-stick approach extensively lately, and it's not a problem. The tonal sweet spot of the stick is right in the grip area, between the two bulges; works fine for cross-stick. Nice and meaty tone!

I've been using these exclusively since Jan now (except for the one SlapStick in the pic, but that's just kind of a novelty), and I LOVE these things. I'm definitely feeling the benefits, they really suit a loose grip and I believe they do reduce fatigue. I'm hitting harder than usual in the studio lately, and these really keep up with the abuse.

I've only broken one since January, and that was my fault- a bad tip-hit on a rimshot.

i was tempted to give them a shot until i saw the price tag on their site...

$17.00 a pair plus shipping.

i generally break a pair of sticks (vic firths) every show (45 minute set) and it just wouldn't be worth it no matter how great they were.


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I'm wondering what the odd shape does for the fulcrum point? It looks by design to move it back giving you more stick out front. Anyone care to comment on this? I have 5B's in black on order.


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the fulcrum point is at the black line where the handle and the shaft merge, just above the first bulge.
I think it's about standard compared to most sticks.
last night was not a good night for me and the hornets...

after the pair i was given to try out, i was so impressed i ordered two more pairs from the hornet website.

last night, during an hour and a half practice, i broke 3 hornets. one was on the verge of breaking and was splintering pretty badly so i really wasn't surprised when it finally snapped. after all, it did endure two shows and about five hours of practice before breaking.

the other two hornets, however, broke after less than ten minutes of play. one actually broke before i could go from verse to chorus of 'communication breakdown' by led zeppelin.

those three broken sticks cost me roughly $26... or four pairs of vic firths.

as much as i love the feel of these sticks, i don't think i'll be re-ordering them. for that kind of money, they just don't hold up.

also... earning negative points for hornet: all calls / e-mails regarding endorsement / bulk or brick prices have gone unreturned which is kind of sad, since e-mails and calls were exchanged immediately when i accidentally entered the wrong expiration date on my card and when i asked about a tracking number. i don't mind being told there's no interest in endorsements or in bulk pricing, but i'm not a huge fan of being ignored. i was more than willing to buy 20 or 30 pairs of sticks and i didn't even get a 'sorry' courtesy e-mail.