[Homki890] - Premier


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I only have one good photo of me on my kit.

22 x 18 Bass Drum
10 x 8 Rack Tom
12 x 10 Rack Tom (not shown)
14 x 12 Rack Tom
14 x 5.5 Wood Snare

14" B8 Hats
16" B8 Crash
20" B8 Ride (not shown)
21" Signature Andre Ceccarelli Hot Ride
10" HHX Spalsh
18" HHX China

Mapex Double (single pedal pedal used in picture)

Snare--Coated Ambassador
Toms--Aquarian Performance II
Bass--Evans Hydraulic

A mix of Pearl, Sonar, Premier, and Gibralter

Pro-Mark Sticks, any
Vic Firth 7A Nylon
Steve Gadd Signature Sticks


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Lol. Yes, playing some groovy jazz can get that look, specially at the gig I was doing that night.

The Ceccarelli ride is the best jazz ride out there, enough said, and not only is it a good jazz ride, but it does very well at funk, fusion, and rock too. The bell has a very punchy tone, the kind you hear in half-time funk. I love it. It plays circles around the B8 crap that I own.



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Nice kid dude. Is that the Genista line? I've gotten my hands on some older Wine red Premier Cabria's without any hardware. Like no Lugs or anything. that's my next project after I finish up the snares I'm doing.

Tapeworm, Every now and then you'll see hella good deals on Ebay for Premier sets. I looked earlier just today and there was some guy selling a bunch of brand new toms and bass drums, sometimes complete sets but I think buying it that way would be too expensive for what they're worth. Keep an eye out there though, I've seen Cabria XPK 6 pc sets go for $400 to $500 before.


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Transy uses a Premier kit for their music dept.

When I saw a Premier kit in this rinky-dink building in KY, I just laughed a little bit.

I want to test out a Premier kit though, I've never played one.