Homelss people rocking out to my band


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Check out this exclusive As Hell Broke Loose "Rock The Homeless" Video footage.

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meth heads ¬___¬

that's pretty cool, it's bout time people did something for the homeless, even if it is just play a few tunes, lol


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Reminds me of minneapolis aka MinneAfrica.......every sound check brings flocks of crazy crack heads to the back door who crack dance


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That's pretty funny. If you guys shoot some type of video for one of your songs, you also should include these guys in your video. HA!


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one of my old bands attracted a mentally handicapped woman to our music at an outdoor festival. she seriously walked right up within 5 feet of us and did this weird swaying hunced over motion for like 5 minutes. it was awsome. also a homeless guy got into our practice space once and came through our day saying we were awsome and insisted on buying us some beer. Thanks for gettin us drunk Rico!!!