Home-Made Cymbals?


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Can you tell me if this is a good idea, because
my family knows their way around a toolbox :p
so they could make me one in a second, I would
just need to know if theyre are any guides or anything
that you know of that I could print off...


EDIT: I'm sorry I posted this in wrong section, I guess I should have posted in cymbal section.. whoops. :oops:


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making something thats looks like a cymbal would be easy. but mixing the right metals and getting the right thicknesses and densities and how you hammer or lathe it to make it sound like a cymbal would be very very hard to do


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well i sorta made one of my cymbols, it was a crappy one which i cut down to a 15" and fixed up abit, and now it is the envy to many drummers i no

altho that was a cymbol when i started, dunno how good of an idea itd b to make one from scratch