Holy Grail Of Rides?


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I've had quite a few ride cymbals over the years. Some of the better ones were:

Zildjian A 20" rock ride. Just a great all round rock and blues cymbal with a fantastic bell.

Zildjian K Custom 20" ride. This cymbal was wonderful in any situation and its bell was also great.

Zildjian 20" A custom ride. This isn't the greatest, but it's nice and bright and has a good bell.

Sabian 18" AA ride.

Paiste 2002 heavy ride. This was another great all round ride. The bell was smaller than those on Sabian and Zildjian, but it was still nice.

I've just bought a Zildjian K Custom high definition 22" ride. This cymbal is superb. One of the nicest I've ever heard.

18 and 20" K jazz rides. Just great ride cymbals!

Paiste 18" 2002 flat ride. Brilliant cymbal!

There've been a few others, but these stood out.


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I have a very rare Paiste Sound Creation 20" Flat Ride that is absolutely amazing.

My Paiste Signature Heavy Bell ride almost like a Reflector series that is very crisp, and my 20" Paiste Rough ride that is really cool. A Paiste 22" Red ColorSound 5 (mint condition) that has a nice muted response. My Signature Dry Dark is very versatile, nice powerful bell and heavy. And for flat out rock a nice my 22" Rude Power ride, with just a tiny piece of tape/moongel is great. My Sound Formula 20" Flat Ride is very glassy. Just beautiful!

I also have a Zildjian 22" K series Dry something or other. The surface looks like and dirt were spilt over it. (Neat looking) Very thin and trashy. I use it with a 17" and 19" Sabian HHX extreme crashes and a 20 Wuhan China. For a Dark set up. And a 20" K Custom Brilliant that has a great bell. And I like my 20" A Custom Flat ride as well.

While not really the Holy Grail of rides... I am really liking my Wuhan 28" Wind Gong as a ride source.


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ive played many a ride in my time, but none better than my 22" sabian medium artisan ride. just beautiful and SO unique...i picked it up at the vault tour stop in southern ca. last year and had one of the craftsman take the hammer to it a few more times. ive been told it sounds very 50s/60s A/K-ish.


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I prefer the "ping" that you get out of the 20" Paiste Rude Power Ride, personally. I'm more of a hard rock/metal drummer and this is what fits my style more.

For jazz drumming though, I have a 20" Paiste Signature Crash that makes a pretty nice jazz ride.


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Haven't seen it mentioned. 20" K Custom Dry Ride. Definitely not the "holy grail" for all applications, but it is great for recording. Super stick definition and almost no wash. You can't crash it, though.


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I've had a Sabian 20" AAX Stage Ride for nearly 7 years. It's the first professional ride cymbal I ever got, and it certainly feels like the last I'll ever need. I'm a total gear-head and I love buying new stuff... but I don't even care to get a new ride cymbal. It fits EVERYTHING. Might be too pingy for the jazz-heads or too washy for the metal-heads... but to me it's got the perfect combo.

Everybody's naming off different stuff. Obviously a preference thing. :)


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RSmith":2ftz643z said:
. I do have a 20 inch Earth Ride which is great dry ping sound but has no crash value whatsoever.
I have a 21" Calhoun Ambient which I like for now. I did once play on a Zildjian Earth Ride and determined that I have to have one. Like you said it has great ping, and it's a ride so it doesn't need to have crash value (at least not for my taste).


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I use a 22" Zildjian Rock Ride. I picked it up used about 20 tears ago for $90. I have yet to play any ride that feels as right.


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When I record, I use the Earth Ride for ride definition, but for playing live I still enjoy my old 20 inch Impulse Ride cymbal. Used to have a 21 inch Rock Ride back in my wilder days, definly worth the money that I paid for it (wished I still had it though)


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I was playing the Zildjian Z custom 20" power ride and it is just too damn loud. I past it down to my nephew and now I am playing the Ziljian A custom 21" sweet ride. This is the best sounding ride that I have laid a stick on. The wash is great, the bell is awesome and the stick definition is clean. My favorite by far.


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My choice would be any of the following cymbals

Any K Zildjian Med Ride from the Istambul or Constantople (1930 - 1970). These are worth big bucks and extremely rare - but you have to becareful to find that special Elvin Jones/Tony Williams sounding one.

Paiste 602 (not Sound Creation) - Dark Ride - great cymbal!!! Classic Jazz ride from the 70's

For Modern Cymbals:

Paiste 20" New Signature Dark Energy Ride (I have a prototype of this cymbal and it sounds a hair darker than the one they sell, but it is a great cymbal)

Paiste 20" Traditional Med/Heavy Ride

Zildjian 20" or 22" Constantople Medium Ride (low - high)

Sabian 19" Medium Heavy HH Ride (Mid 1980's version) I have one and love it!

Sabian 18" Ed Thigpen Crystal (flat) Ride (I love this cymbal)


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The19thHole":1egisls6 said:
Obviously drumming is all personal prefrence, however, what is your favorite ride?

Im gonna go with the K session custom
My three are

  1. 20" K Zidljian Heavy Ride
  2. 21" A Zildjian Rock Ride
  3. 20" A Zildjian Medium Ride with three rivets


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scrubs":ku6u9jkk said:
Haven't seen it mentioned. 20" K Custom Dry Ride. Definitely not the "holy grail" for all applications, but it is great for recording. Super stick definition and almost no wash. You can't crash it, though.
i love mine...on stage i play 20"-21" rock rides depends on the setting...holy grail of stage rides


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i love the 22 inch Zildjian A Custom "Ping Ride". I'm lucky enough to own one. Sounds amazing wether you are rideing or crashing on it. I love to blast on it because it has perfect stick definition and just right amount of volume :]]


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i have a 22" zildjian ride. i know its a K but im not sure exactly which one. its hand hammered and has alot of little hammer marks in it. all the logos are polished off. but it sounds amazing and i dont think i'll ever get rid of it. i'll post a picture and maybe one of you guys can tell me what it is


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Early 1970's 20" Paiste 2002 Medium ride.
Meinl Custom Cymbal Shop "one of a kind" 20" Medium Heavy ride.