Holy Freaking Paradiddles Batman!!!


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Simple and fantastic!

Mike Johnston is also a HUGE fan or paradiddles around the kit.


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ya, that's freaking beautiful.

I've been practicing this as much as I can (not very much) and it does help you coordinate around the drums. I strongly recommend this exercise.


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I put down about 30 minutes + 1 hour + 30 minutes (3 days) of paradiddling at the kit, starting at 50bpm, 70bpm and 90bpm (each day) and gradually built it up. I felt MUCH more comfortable moving around my kit afterwards, and I also found some minor issues with my setup, and by fixing it I could go even faster to certain places.

You get a lot of ideas playing diddles around the kit too!


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Mike is a great teacher with a very understandable approach and has a way of getting across to folks. I recommend that anyone to check him out if you get a chance. P.O.Y!