Holiday Drum Gifts


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the pdp 800 2 leg hihat stand. I'm not hoping, i'm knowing because I told my mom "if youre going to order this, nows the time." because music123 had a black friday sale online.

I'm kinda wishing I told her I needed new heads now because the stock pdp heads are beat to hell right now, seeing as Ive had them since august "07.

I should be getting a few stands from other relatives too, I really hope I do. The double stand I bought from drumgearonline is held together by duct tape, my china is held up by an ancient rusted pearl stand, and my cheap sunlite crash is held up by a rusted over 60's quality stand.

besides that, I should be getting a few misc drum stuff. like last year I got a drum alarm clock and a drumset christmas tree ornament.

drums got the short end of the stick this year, since I asked for an ipod.


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all's im hoping for is tias and tios w/ no clue what size shirt i wear or what im into

undecisive relatives= straight cash handout

hopefully snag enough for that dw double tom clamp i been wanting


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Just some sticks, and a new snare head for the M Birch snare. I drew all over the stock head, and now the coatings wearing off. :(


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stump":340t1tay said:
I'm getting the Alesis dm5 pro with the surge cymbals. Should be fun! :D P.O.Y!

Those surge cymbals look pretty cool . I have a few drummer friends that have and still use their Smartrigger cymbals . From what I understand Alesis bought Smartrigger if I'm not mistaken and these surge cymbals look and perform just as the Smartrigger ones did . Should be interesting to hear some peoples feedback on how well they work with the Alesis kits .


Lancelot Frosty

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Some new heads...
But there's a pair of shoes I like and most people I know end up giving me clothes or stuff to add to my Transformers/etc collection.
Or money.
That's one nice thing about having a gigantic family. :lol:


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spencercperry69":209c5nzm said:
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What would most people say about someone's first post to be a review of a Zoom product??
He's technically not trying to sell the product so would it be spam??


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I say spam

But back on topic, I KNOW that I'm getting a new Pearl piccolo steel snare drum, a pre-pack of pinstripes, and some nice studio headphones so I can hear the music while I play. I may also get some sticks and a Sabian Alu-Bell