Hole in the base drum


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Hey guys,
I know this topic has probably already been covered but I can't find it and I thought i'd try to get some fresh information from this.

My kick drum doesn't have a hole in it and all the sound guys and other drums say to put it in. I don't really care to much for it (well i do but its not a priority at the moment) but i have decided that I should probably get it in since sound tech's reckon they can get a better sound if it has a hole.

So my question is whats the best way to put a hole in my base drum skin.

And also - Would it be better just to be a skin with a hole in it?


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If the sound guys tell you that they'll get a better sound of a kick with a head, they're wrong. It is possible to get a killer sound out of a kick without a head.
The best way to make a hole is to buy special rings that Remo and Aquarian make for cutting holes. Stick it on the inside, and cut! You'll have to use a pretty sharp knife/razor. Also these rings will make the hole last longer in one piece. Where to put the hole? I would put it anywhere but the center. I always put the hole on the left, underneath the logo.


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When I first got the kit I have back home (it's a Pacific kit.. not too bad but it's not the greatest) it didn't have a hole. But I cut one in and the sound and projection of my bass drum improved dramatically.

Chad Scott

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The whole in a drum--doesn't matter which one, makes it able to breath..The Bass drum hole also allows an inner micing ability...
If you don't want a hole, there are things that you can do to help sound guys/girls. One is by putting an internal mic inside your drum-running the cord out of a ported hole(this usually takes modification)--I have a mic inside my drums with a mic plug connecting straight to the drums themselfs..having an excape for air seems to help control the mic sound.I don't like any mics or mic cables anywhere above my drums--well overheads only.
If your carefull you can do a whole very simply...
1-Draw a circle that you can see well, that will wash off if you miss slightly
2-using an exacto knife or a sharp carpet knife trace the circle(very very slow and carefully)--should work pretty good, thats if you don't need it exact..if you do it well knowbody will know the difference...
I've been doint it this way forever...
(might want to start out trying it a couple times on an old beaten head)
if you want a ringed cover of any kind, it has to be almost exact scale.


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Sound guys always tell me that they could get a better sound with a hole in my bass drum, but really what that gives them is more control, I like sound guys to have as little control over my sound as possible. Which is why I use ambassadors everywhere, and no holes cut, making for a loud and open sound. This system requires less micing, so talk to your sound guys, they want you to be happy with the sound, they dont care if it sounds good or bad, as long as the artist they are working with is happy.
I have always always found that having a hole in the bass drum increases sound and proformance form the kick drum. I work in a venue and christ some of the kits that have come in are terrible, the kick sound can be dreadfull,( No Life, Tone etc)

I Have played venues of capacity 110 to 600 people. i Have found the bigger the room ur playing, that Having two mics in the kick drum actually improves the whole Tone of the kick,
Tho i think also it has got to do with if ur using a kick pad for the beater or not.

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Does one put holes in the resonant side of their toms or snare?

I think the hole in the bass drum is a relic of early 90's metal.

If you want a Vinnie Paul (pantera) type of sound, meaning lots of attack or click, lots of low end and not much else, I recommend a hole.

If you want to have a supreme feel, a lot of response, a wide spectrum from the tonal field, and mega low-end, I'd say forget about the hole.

I don't have a hole in my bass.

Bottom line, if you are happy with how it feels, don't change it.

The next time a sound guy says something, just look at him in a puzzled way and state, "Wow, you're the first sound guy who said anything and go about your business." After a while, they'll stop bugging you.
I like the deep sound that holes give you. The easiest way to make holes are with Holz, and they are the best protection for the head. I actually have three 4" holz in my head. You can see one in this pic.


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Go to GC <Gutair Center> Look for there bass drum ring called HOLZ Since you have a 22 inchkick The best place to put it is <facing your kit> Bottom right about 2 to 3 1/2 inches from the rim. If you need a picture go to my pics at www.myspace.com/therhythmest and see how I did it.

Best of luck and BTW NICE KIT!!!!


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The easiest thing to do is go buy a head with a hole in it from the factory.

If you want to add a hole to your current head, go buy one of the reinforcements, trace a circle on your head, cut and then stick it on. If you play double bass, put the hole towards your weak foot side.

Like many guys have said, you don't need a hole. It just makes it easier for the sound guy if you do.


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I have this head on the front of my bass drum that Evans makes, it's called a retro head and its made outta mesh. It sounds really great mic'd up and I couldnt be happier with it. I would recommend it to everyone


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I HATE it. it takes the round and squishy feel out of youre bass, and also cuts out the big rounded sound I like from my bass drum. the pedal response is also decreased, and the hole in the bass drum is really for lazy sound guys who dont want to eq the mics like they get paied to do.


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Well to me, I find that having a hole in the BD makes it project more and when it's mic'd up on stage it's a TON better then no hole or no bd-head.


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Honestly, theres alot of things you can do, and if a sound guy is telling you what to do for a better sound, then it is obvious hes not a very good sound guy to beggin with. If you like your sound then no one should tell you otherwise, putting a hole in your bass drum head no matter where it is, center, off to the side, is going to comprimise your sound on your drum completely, second of all, we have experimented with alot of different places to put holes in your bass drums, and unlike what one of the people in here said, putting a hole right in the center isnt a bad idea at all, sure its not going to ring as much, but if your into a fat tone with alot of punch and power to it, this might be what your looking for, just stick an aquarian super kick 2 with a remo coated emperor in the front and its gold!

as for the cutting part, alot of people say to cut it out and use a ring, but when you dont have a ring, what are you going to do? well a solution to that is to just take a regular folgers coffee can or any conventional coffee can, place it on the stove until its pretty much red hot(wear some oven mits when you do this so you dont burn your self), and just melt one in, it will come out perfect with no pain in the ass cutting or anything, plus it also helps if you are short on cash.

keep in mind to use the hollow side of the can, you want the heat to build up inside of it, and peel off all the labels, you dont want to cause a fire or even worse........set of the fire alarm in your home.....we all know how much that sucks hahaha, anyways if you have any questions on anything at all about drums, dont stress to come to us! you can visit us on MySpace.com/unistadrums thanks
and hope this helps!

-Daniel, Unista Drums


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i personally prefer a hole in the bass drum, i prefer the decay that a hole gives you, but with everyone saying a hole makes it easier for the sound man...Fuck the sound man!, its your kit that youve spent a lot of hard earned money on, dont let him tell you what to do with you babies..if u want a solid bass drum front skin..good luck to ya! not my cup of tea tho =P lol


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I tried to cut a hole once, I failed miserably.

Although I'm sure some sound techs dont mind big flappy uneven squares in bass drums :roll:

I just bought an Evans EQ3 reso, comes with a 5" off set hole with some sort of protector on it so it wont rip and you wont slice your hand off when positioning mics inside!


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today i went and bought one of those "holz" a nice chrome one, it took a bit of jimmying to get it to damn fit but i got it in the end and i have to admit not only does it improve the sound but it looks the dogs bollocks (to all americans.."The dogs bollocks" means good lol)


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I like two holes, one on the lower right hand side and one on the lower left. I have also tried a hole in the dead center, but I can't say I really like it very much, but it does work for some people.


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i dunno if this has already been brough up but you could always do the old coffee can trick ;)

just take an empty metal coffee can,
heat it up on a stove burner (i believe works best with electrical stoves) until its super hot...

grab it with pot warmer gloves

and punch a hole through the head.


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This is mainly a point of personal preference, i personally prefer to have no hole... it seems, to me, that the sound is richer and more full than with a hole...Id say to keep it closed, but if you prefer to have the hole just put it in... as long as you're happy.