hihat stands


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alright....its the end of our school quarter and since my grades are really good and i havnt been a dipshit this quarter my parents are giving me $20 which puts me at just about $280 (combined with my current funds). and i really need a hi-hat stand, because my c.1978 camco is falling apart.

so i need your input should i go for the pearl 1000-2000 eliminator hihat, dw 5000, 7000 or 6000 series, mapex/janus transmition hihat, or the pdp boa? i need something with 2 legs.

thanks guys



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I my opinion the mapex hat works great. i dont currently own one but have in the past with very good results. The DW stuff I find a little over rated, they rely alot on the porwer of their name in my humble opinion.


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I'm using DW9000 hihat stand and I really like it. I had a good deal on it so it wasn't that expensive. But honestly, I think I'd go with Pearl H2000 because it's cheaper


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I own the Tama HH905 and highly recommend it. It is the cheapest option and the stand works, looks and just is perfect ;- ) Smooth, rock solid and easy to adjust.


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I've got the Pearl Eliminator in a remote model, I really like it. Been gigging with it for several years.
Nice 2-leg setup, though I removed both of mine and it still does fine.

The DWs are OK but don't amaze me.