highhat combinations (different bottom and top hats)


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im not sure if im odd or creative, but i use 14 inch highhats zildjian A custom master sound bottom, and zildjian A new beat top hats.

Anyone else combo their hats? cuz let me tell you, my combo is SWEET. its soo bright yet dark at the same time and washy.


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people do that a lot, ive seen someone use a china with a crash as a hihat. some places even sell zildjian k top and z dyno beat bottom together (k/z hi hat)
and zildjian a/z
sry to burst ur bubble, but its very common


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hi-hat combo's are very common these days, but they also give almost limitlus combination on the sound u can achieve.

I personally like the 14" Avedis Zildjian Quick Beat bottom and the 14" Avedis Zildjian New Beat top


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Used to pair a 13" K top with a Quick Beat bottom. Sounded like Quickbeats except darker.

Also, on occassion I've also paired hats of different sizes- 13" top/14" bottom, or even 14"/15" combo. Max Roach and Kenny Clarke, two of the early bop pioneers, played their hats in this combination quite frequently.



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14" --- Saluda Mist-X on bottom and Saluda Diamond on top. Perfect for live shows but would probably need a different setup for recording... this one is a bit on the "loud and bright" side. I haven't tried recording with them, so this is just a guess for now :wink:

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one time i was playing with a jazz band and i needed some really light, washy hi hats so i put my two thin paiste crashes together (signature mellow for the bottom, signature fast for the top). it sounded beautiful.