Hibben Knives

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I was reading about air purifiers and couldn't help but think about stabbing someone.
It got me to thinking, who else here has a bad-ass Hibben knife?


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Do you mean hidden? Because in that case, kind of haha. My dad has one and I just happen to know where he keeps it. In fact, I have 2 like that!

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Yeah, as a kid, I was interested in starting a knife collection. I was constantly getting magazines with knives and swords. Gil Hibben knives fascinated me. The only thing that has kept me from owning some is the price. If I had that kinda money to spare on things i collect I'd have a lot more than ONE drumset!


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Brother_Bong":rrbwuth6 said:
Word up on that Chaz!
Did you just call Clay...Chaz? :shock: Come on Bong, big difference! As far as the knives go, Yes they are very nice and Mr. Hibben has made some extraordinary blades. Pricey for sure and for a collector a must, though for a blade that is going to be used and abused, there are many for much cheaper that do the deed. P.O.Y!


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I thought I remembered seeing some Gil Hibben knives in the Sportsman's guide catalog about 15 years ago that were about $250 or $300 each.... Prices must have gone up.