Hi- Hat vent holes

What type of hats do you use?

  • Traditional bell, no holes straight edges.

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  • Mastersound type, with small holes on bottom hat.

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  • Bottom hat with a wavy edge.

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I have some cheap zxt hats, not worth getting rid of, so I'd like to mess around with them. Some higher end hats have holes through the bottom cymbal, I was going to punch some in mine to get a loghter, cleaner crisper sound out of them. Has anyone on here drilled their bottom hat? I plan on drilling 4 holes 1/2" diameter to start and then open them up if there's no difference to maybe 1 - 1/2" or 2"....


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dont try drilling the holes your self, u could ruin the cymbals VERY easily, get is done by the company or by a pro.
but if u just wanna waste your cymbals, go right ahead


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careful with drilling you own holes, its possible to tear the cymbal so it looks like there are a bunch of cracks coming from the hole or you could bend the cymbal. So i think youd be better off going with scotts advice


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since you dont have any other plans for them, go for it. just know that theres a chance that youll kill the cymbal. ive drilled holes in an old cymbal before....didnt really do anything but it was a planet z, so there wasnt any way to make it any better.


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Zildjian Mastersounds have the wavy edge, Quick Beats are the series with the holes in the bottom. If you are going to trash the cymbals anyway, then go right ahead. Keep in mind that your bottom hat takes a lot of stress, so you run a high risk of stress cracks appearing near those holes. However, you very well may stumble on something you like, so have fun!


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There was no option for OTHER. I'm on my second pair of AA sizzle hats and I freakin' LOVE THEM. My first pair broke within the warrantied period and Sabian sent me replacements.


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before you do it....do you have another pair of hats in case these get totaled?
and my advice, tho i dont really know what im talking about, id think the higher speed the drill is, the less of a chance if it catching and messing up your cymbal.

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I made holes on my crappy stock hats the came with my set, it changed the sound noticeably, but it was still crap cause it was a stock cymbal. so go for it.

Then i found out about the zildjian quick beats, they sound very sexy in my opinion (if that makes any sense, lol) i got a 15" pair off of eBay (they don't make that size in the model anymore) I've been playing them for about two years now and i cant be more satisfied with a pair of hi-hats. If u get new hats, go for the quick beats.


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Rockula!":sn1tx6in said:
You can't make an omlette without breaking some eggs
I second what this guy says. :twisted:

AA sizzles are the sh*t too btw. I'm in love with 13" mastersounds tho. theres a ton of really good sounding high hats out there.


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I paired up a Sabian 13" Fusion bottom (w\ 4 holes) with a Z custom Top, and they sound great! Never tried drilling my own holes, but I would think there'd be a a good likelyhood of damaging the cymbal. Maybe if you had a drill press...


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Yeah, I have to agree, "if" your willing to trash them if they don't turn out right....go for it!! Just consider the possibility of hurting your wrist if it catch's while drilling. Not good!!

BTW, great forum and glad to be a part of it!!

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Back in the day when we didnt have the less expensive cymbals and one cracked, i couldnt allways buy a new cymbal, so what I did was to drill a hole at the end of a crack to stop the crack from going further.But by doing this I found out that the drilled hole would leave little stress points in the hole and a new crack would start from there. And also the drill bits werent allways sharp so the cymbal would get pretty hot. And it was this heat that was worse for the cymbal then the crack! The heat would just kill the tone of the cymbal. So I would drill the cymbal in a big wash tub with just enough water in it to cover the cymbal to keep it cool. Worked great! One last thing though, Deburr the hole you drill. Use some emory cloth or a fine tooth file. It removes the stress points in the hole from drilling! And happy experimenting!!


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Just drill 'em. Sheet cymbals are easy to drill, just make sure you start with the tip of a paddle bit, then move to a bigger bit.

Or just use a 1/2" paddle bit.

Don't worry about it, I do this kind of thing all the time.


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Its really not hard to drill holes in a cymbal. Bronze is a pretty soft metal it isn't very hard to drill through it, I've done it with a regular drill and
a regular bit and did it to six cymbals and never once screwed up. :eek: