Hi hat lift question/poll

How high is your Hi hat?

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New member
I hate a Zildjian ZBT high hat, It's kind of noob but I'm super happy with it.

Here's what I'm trying to say, what sounds better the sound of the hi hit when you lift your foot (so it's completely off the pedal) it's like 2 millimeters up to make a more hissing sound, or a good 1+2 inches high?

I used to barely barelllly raise it, but now I have it raised and it makes the sound of me hitting it closed so much better

Anyne else?


New member
mine varies extreamly, if i want a strong open hi hat sound i lift my foot up all the way up (3 inches roughly).

usually i slightly lift my toes up when required if i want a smooth sound when using the hats


New member
Mine is open so that when I take my foot off the pedal, the widest part of the hats (I make use of the tilter screw) is only about half an inch.


New member
My hi-hats are open so that my foot has to travel the same lenght as the bass pedal to get a hit. This means that my hihats touch each other lightly when they are fully open. Makes a hissing sound when I stop playing them. I have the bottom cymbal tilted a little. Spring tension on the hi-hat is zero.


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fully open hihats for me is 3/4" at most. over 1" and that clingy washy sound kills everything. usually my hihats are just barely touching for a nice sizzly sound, or closed so i can do some more intricate work.


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Mine is set up to be 1" apart when raised on one side, and I use the tilter to make the other side just barely touch. I like the "sizzle" effect it gives even when fully open.


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i usualy set mine about 3/4 in in of gap after it is all the way up. between 1/2 and 3/4 alows for alot of different sounds from different hits.


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When mine are open they still touch quite a bit. The biggest gap is probably only like 1/2 inch. For the stands with tension, it's one step down from the highest setting.