Hi hat help


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im gunna be gettin some new hi hats soon and i know what sound i want i just dont know what kind of cymbals they are.

i want a clean crisp chick sound


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I have a new set of A Customs. THey have a great lower cutting sound and a bright chrisp chick when played with the pedal. I love them and get lots of compliments.


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2002 soundedge's 14 or 15 inch. Or Zildjian new beats 14 inch. The soundedge have a wavy-bottom so that there is no open-close muting and the new beats have holes in the bottom cymbal that do the same thing. Both have a really nice strong "chick" sound and are a crisp as you can get.


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if you want a good crips sound. Zildjian Z or A custom. i personaly like Paiste PST3 and 2002sound edge. the PST3, are very crips. well spoken and controlable when open. whenclosed they h ave a nice cutting/crips chick, but not too loud with a slight hiss.


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I like the Zildjian Z customs, but keep in mind that they're quite a bit louder than other hi-hats. Maybe the K/Z combo would be better.


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I agree with scottshark
I've been using a pair of 15" paiste 2002 soundedge for about 2 years nows. They are extremely versitile.


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14" Zildjian new beats,quick beats
14"Sabian AArock hats,sizzle hats,Valt hats

If you are a Zildjian fan I recommend Quick beats,Sabian = AA sizzl hats....Both are awesome! :idea:


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i really dont have a preference on brand. i have all sabian right now but thats just because i got a cymbal starter pack and then i bought a 19" vault crash to add to the collection
You might check out the AA Med 14 hats, They have the bright chick, plus full wash when open, I really dig there sounds. Its a matter of taste, but these are just what you said you wanted.

Check them out, I tried many to get the sound i wanted and the AA med sabain fit my bill.
You can find them for 239, sam ash, and online order also. About the cheapest youll find on them.

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I have a set of Zildjian Mastersounds and they have a great chick and a nice stick sound due to the slightly scalloped bottom cymbal. I love them so much I got a pair for the kit at my church as well!
If you get a chance to get to a guitar center, they'll let you mix and

match different hi hat cymbals together. I did this and after 2

hours of mixing cymbals, I came up with a Quick beat Zildjian

bottom hi hat with a Rock beat Zildjian bottom hat combination,

really chicky with extremely quick response, not tinny and they

have a very good open sound...