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I didn't know where to start, I hope this is okay. I'm from San Diego, and I'm 22. I heard about this site from Bill Ray. A friend on myspace who I don't know, but I've talked to about drum lessons. When am I gonna get some lessons dude! haha Anyway, I love this set. It definitely cuts through with a cool tone to it.


13x5 Solid Black Walnut Stave Shell by Covenant Drums

13x6.5 Steel Joey Jordison Sig.

14x7 Oak Custom


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I'm sorry for the following post, but I feel like I have to say it.

Have you ever farted so loud that it made your snarewires buzz? Like, I'm not saying I did..but that is really funny.


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You guys don't sit on your snares? Wierd. I'm a part of a number of forums and they all do it to.

When you play 32nd notes with a double kick pedal, and accent the up beats, and keep the beat swingin, it increases stamina and speed by 30%. Jojo Mayer was the first to use it this ancient technique. He stopped because he used it to get to where he is now.

Thanks for the welcome!


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Have you tried using thinner heads without dampening on them? I thought Oak Customs were pretty pricey, wouldn't want to waste that tone.