hey guys check out my drumming tell me what you think


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Yeah, man. Some comments:

- You get a really good studio sound. Made me think you've done this before or someone showed you how to tune your drums. Either way, very good job. Most drummers your age never take this into consideration, but getting the sound is about 50 percent of being a pro drummer.

- You definitely have some chops. Really clean.

- Sounds like you play things in time, so that's very cool, too.

Next time you do this consider putting some ideas together. Also, put some study into phrasings. I suggest getting Pete Magadini's book on polyrhythms. I think you'll find it fun and challenging, even for someone with your advanced skills.

Good job, bud. I look to hear more from you!


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thanks for the kind words!

yea me and my friend spend hours perfecting the drumsound at his studio
i specialize in two styles of drumming my main style is latin im in a afrocuban group at my local collge and i have been studying all the bell patterns and the left foot clave.
and my second focuz is in gospel and r&b i love it!
it has such a groove and it really keeps my chops in shape


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Thats a real good sound.

All the hits came thru clean. I gotta say (even though im a metal head) that this is 5/5 material. Clean, on time, and all about the feeling.

Cheers man,



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nice sound man. id like to hear it put to the rest of a song but everything is nice and clear and things dont ring out to long and what not. you've got some good chops too man. very cool.


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Haven't I seen you and your brothers on You Tube? Do you play guitar too? Maybe I'm confusing you with someone else. In any event...that was great playing, and as others have said, your kit sounded fantastic. I'm sure you'll go far.


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You drums sound awesome! I like your style.

I'll admit, and maybe its just me, I was kinda bored in the beginning. But once the solo got to about a quarter of the way through I really liked it.

Sounds like you have some experience, keep it up :]


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not bad, not bad at all, you've been playing the same amount of time as i have, since about the same age, i like your set up too, and as everyone else has said it sounded really good, keep up the good work


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good quality recording, pretty good control but still some cleaning up to do...
a little work with your single stroke rolls, doubles and your rolls on the drum set.

(dont take offence, im very picky because of my pipe band background)

see your singles, your left hand goes higher then your right...

doubles, you make them bounce too much, either play the double out, use the double technique from Dave Weckl and Freddie Grubber or waste time speant on trying to control that bounce completly... which is a waste because your second note will always be weaker then the first when you bounce.

When you can really control the bounce, you want the next notes to be weaker because you want the first note to be the loudest, thus is born the moeller technique.

rolls on the kit, il be frank with you, i only listened to it once, and a few clicked as being not well aligned. Check it out, im too tired to do anything else right now.

now it's very late, i probly missed something or w.e but who cares, have fun.


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Really nice ideas!! You should look me up, as we are in the same town. I live in Oceanside but am in SD all the time.