Hey Focus-X users


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I recently decided to give the Aquarian Focus-X a try after years of using coated emperors and while i like the sound the coating has been chipping away from day one. I was wondering how other users have fared with the longevity and structural integrity of this specific head. I checked to make sure my sticks aren't damaged to eliminate that as a possible source.Thanks


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I use one on my snare and LOOOOVE it. I use coated response IIs on my toms. You should talk to Mitchell about them, he's like an Aquarian expert.


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I must've gotten a bad head, because I bought a focus X on saturday, put it on my snare sunday, and it just broke around the edge on me not more than 5 minutes ago. The head actually broke off from the ring about halfway around the drum. I'm going to be returning it.


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yah, honestly, unless you're employing drum corps-tight tuning, no head should pull out of the collar. I haven't had one do that in probably 20 years.