Hero Set


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This will be updated every time I change stuff. I made a compromise between my love of color and my want to make a hand carved set. I will be using...
6 and 8 ply maple shells
Ego Rounded Single Ended lugs
Ego Black Chrome tension rods
Drum Maker Wood Hoops (the style that's drilled)

What I will be doing is have each drum a solid color (so you can see the grain this time): White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple. All over a carved design. The lugs will all be different colors, there won't be any two alike. Black tension rods so when you look, you will focus more on the finish, they won't stand out.

Tom sizes:
10x8(red), 12x9(orange), 13x10(yellow), 14x14(green), 16x16''(blue) 6-ply toms
22x18'' 8-ply bass (purple)
14x8'' 8-ply snare (white)

14'' Hats
17, 18, 19'' Crashes
21'' Ride
8, 10'' Splashes
12, 16, 18'' Chinas
6, 8, 10'' Bells

I'll work some special finish out with Jamie. It's between Green Glory (which might not work), a special Symbolic, or designer Earthworks.


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Go for it! If I had enough money to buy something that amazingly incredible I would. I love the green glory idea too.


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Actually, I just totaled it up, and there will be 100 lugs on the set. Perhaps, since I'm using SE's, I'll have the two lugs parallel to each other the same color.


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i would just save then buy it all at once, or at least all the kit at once. i would just think that its teasing myself if i get it one bit at a time. but good on you for going after something you want!


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Cheerful-Bear":20ckg5dj said:
Nah, I might not do it. Because I suck.

Dude, you are 14 years old. It takes balls to start doing what you did, but this industry is nether nice or forgiving. Learn from what everyone has told you and if you love doing what you are doing, that keep working on it. These guys didn't get good overnight. Guys like PJ, Shine, DW and others scraped thousands of dollars worth of stuff before they started to make ends meet.

Tony the builder for Po Boy drums tells me that he is still searching the web for the first 30 snares he built so he get rid of them. Learn from that man, and good luck to you.


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lol....yeah I think I built 4 or 5 snares before I understood what truing the bearing edge is. I cringe at the thought.