here's a question for ya'll......


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so I'm gonna audition with a new established band here in Detroit.They already have CD's out and everything.Do I play the tunes like they are used to,or do I show them what I got right from the get-go? I'd hate for them to pass on me because I played the tunes for the audition similiar to what they just got rid of.


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ask before hand. tell them you have the tunes down like the disc but dont make it seem like you wanna "change" what they did. if they have cds out they might want it close to the disc just for the sake of fans who know the songs. maybe they'll be open for you're own parts. but either way, if you play tunes with them, give them a good solid feel. if they want a small solo, then thats where you let loose. if you all play songs together and you throw crazy stuff down that gives it a differant or bad feel, no matter how crazy of stuff you played, if it doesnt feel right, they might go with a simpler drummer who keeps the feel.


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As Drummert2k said, ask first. I think a lot of poeple make the mistake of feeling like they are gonna look stupid asking something like that, but what it really shows is that you're a team player and conscious of making sure everyone is satified with the music you're making.


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I have to agree... ask them upfront what they are looking for. Did they have a problem with the former drummers beat/groove/time/punctuality/hygiene/choice of beers...
You will never know what a group of guys are looking for unless you ask.


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Here are some questions for you
Do you think the current recording has adequate drums on it?
Do you think you can do better?
If you can, what is the band's attitude about your exerting your influence over current material?

The reason that I ask these questions is that joining the wrong band just because they are touring and have a contract may be the worst decision
The last tour I was on was a completely horrible experience
At first, I was told that I did not have to play exactly like the CD
I was given about a month to rehearse
Two weeks into the tour, so much tension had built up over "playing it like the CD" resulted in the singer/guitarist threatening to kick me off the tour if I didn't stick closer to what it was like on the CD
It's not that I refused
I just couldn't play like the guy on the CD
It wasn't about skill
It was about uniformity

Although this is an extreme example, you do need to make sure that, not only can you play how they want but you need to determine if you will get what you need out of the band musically
Because if you all of a sudden realise that the band isn't what you really want and you still have 2 weeks worth of dates to play, you are going to be miserable

Sorry to be negative but we have all had googly eyes over a perspective band but we don't usually consider the negative stuff
Kinda like when you date a chick just because she's got big thingies and then you realise you can't stand her


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you wanna talk about extreme? Youre talking to a guy who just got the boot along with the bass player and lead guitarist.The reason I was told was that I didnt play the same thing twice on a LIVE CD.Check out my other thread "maybe Im screwed up......" Thanks for the advice though! I auditioned and now I wait for the phone call.Meanwhile I have other auditions.....