Here is My Kit, what do you think?


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I currently play on a 5 pc Ddrum Diatribe Kit, Tobacco fade finish, made of birch and Mahogany, 10x8, 12x10, 16x14, and 14x5 snare and 22x18 kick, this kit sounds incredible. I play Zildjian cymbals, I currently have 2-16" A Custom projection crashes, 1-18" A Custom medium Crash,1-8" wuhan Splash, 1-10" Wuhan Splash 1-12" Wuhan China, 1-20" A Custom Ride, 1 Set of 14" ZBT Hats and 1- Set 12" A Custom Hats. I currently use Ddrum 800 Series Hardware, PDP Hardware and Double Pedal, and Gibralter Hardware. I use Aquarium Response 2 Drumheads on my Toms, and Remo's On my Kick and Snare. My Main Influences are Lars Ulrich, Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, Thomas Lang, Tony Royster Jr., Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, Jason Bittner, Jason Adler, Buddy Rich, Terry Bozzio, Carter Beauford, and many more.