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Hello, I am new to the drums and I find when I play, my wrists really get to bothering me, they begin to hurt, so I shake them to loosen them back up, and after several times of doing this, I am fine, but is there anything I can do, to eliminate this?

Also what are some good exercises, and stretches for drummers to do before practicing?

Any Help would be GREATLY appreciated


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try working on your technique when drumming, are you holding the sticks right? if your not and your a hard hitter, this can cause your muscles to ache, which can be quite painful after a while of playing.

also try the basic work out b4 u drum, like stretch every part of your body...legs, arms, fingers, shoulders, feet etc... make sure your nice and warmed up b4 hitting the skins. playing cold can really ache the old muscles, try not to play unless your warmed up, otherwise u may get problems later on

there is also some topics on technique around the forums, seek them out, they may be benificial.

Hope this has helped in some way :D

Good luck


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yea dude just lisen to what that guy said. im a heavey hitter and i had that problem at first too. but if ur not then i dont know just work on your technece thats all i can tell u man. good luck.


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a tech that i always use is get a newspaper and with your hand [nothing else] crumble it into a little ball without using anything else but your hand...its a good warm up and muscle exercise! also strech your wrist as in [pull your fingers back keeping your whole arm straight] if u wanna know hand and wrist exercises hit me up...i have to do them on account of therapy for my fractured hand...almost for life...
hope this helped!


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finger technique can help if its from you playing to fast if its just regular try letting yourself open up a bit and catch a flow also warm up a bit on a practice pad before you play