help with tuning.


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hey hey hey! this is my first topic!! haha.

can someone help me find the best tunning for my kit?

22' bass with evans EQ-4 ->im thinking B flat with a pillow for muffling
the rest i have no clue...
16' floor tom with evans G2 Clear 2-Ply
13' high tom with evans G2 Clear
13' Dixon small snair (only 3 inch high)(ambassador head)

shells are peavey int. s. 2 because i had to sell my gretsch :(

the style of music i play is very heavy, doing alot of double kick. but i like to change over from stuff like meshuggah, to mars volta, to jojo mayer & Nerve...


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I'd say tune everything at JAW tuning. Both heads the same tension. I'd get the snare pretty high to cut through.

And BTW JAW means "Just Above Wrinkle" :)

Search the forum for more info on tuning as there have been loads of topics considering tuning the snare and the rest of the drumkit.


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sorry guys, but I forgot to specify.

do these heads stretch easyly, as in, would it be worth the trouble to tune them to a particular triad according to the guitar lines? how long did you guys find they lasted before you needed to change them again... Did they ever pop in your face like all the pipe snares heads do? or do they just punch a hole?

any info would be great.


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I guess I don't really tune to a specific note. I tune til they all sound good.
My cheap ludwig snare had a nasty ring to it, so I stretched a book cover (those stretchy elastic things) over the drum, then put the head on top, tightened the head, then cut off excess book cover material.. I guess It's like having a 2ply reso head.


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Yeah it sounds a lot better. Oh, and i forgot to mention that the book cover was for the reso head. for the batter head, just use moon gel.


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moon gel absorbs vibrations, basically.
If you have a good kit, they aren't AS necessary.
With my cheap kit, though, without them is soo bad cause of the ringing.
Moon gel makes the drums more punchy. IMO great for floor toms on almost every kit. only use 'em when necessary on toms & snare (like i have to)


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Whenever I put a new head on I tighten it down just enough to get it "seated" then with the palm of my hand i push down dead center of the head to stretch or "loosen" it a bit. You will find that doing this will help to eliminate your head going out of tune quickly for the first while of haven' them on. It works great for me

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