Help with Budget Double Kick

200 Motels

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Hey all,

I play an e-kit and am using a Roland KD-8 bass drum trigger and I'm wanting to get a double kicker. Right now I'm using a used Westbury singly kicker that I got for $10 at a pawn shop so anything will likely be a huge improvement.

I'm in Canada so I'm limited as to where I can purchase from. Long & McQuade is really the only shop near by.

I'm considering getting either the . listed here

...or the

Is there anything that I should completely avoid or is there not much difference between a lot of low end pedals.

Any buying advice would be very much appreciated.



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this is probably way too late, but there is a WORLD of difference between cheap pedals and expensive pedals. The DW 3000 is probably your best bet for your budget.